The SYM Symba 110

Is it a scooter? Is it a moped? Is it a motorcycle? Actually it's sort of a hybrid of all three!

Sym Symba 110
SYM Symba 110

The SYM Symba 110 is a two wheeled vehicle with a 101.4cc engine (don't ask my why its the Symba 110 and not the Symba 101). Actually I've seen it called the Symba 100 as well as the Symba 110. It has a semi automatic 4 speed transmission (foot shifter but no clutch is needed). It has a top speed of around 50mph and mileage (actual, not claimed) of 100mpg+. Actually SYM, a Taiwanese company, claim 153mpg at 25mph (but who rides at 25mph?). The listed top speed is 59mph, though they don't specify the size and shape of the rider needed to get the Symba up to that speed (or how long it takes...)

Honda C70
Here's a Honda Super Cub C70 - notice the similarity!

It's actually a tribute to (or copy of, depending how you look at it) the Honda Cub (available as the C100, 50, Cub, C50, C70, C90, and Passport over the years), which has the distinction of being the most popular motorized vehicle ever built. Between 1958 and 2008 over 60 million of them were built. Few ended up in the USA though and Honda stopped importing them back in 1983, so if you want a real Honda version it will be around 30 years old unless you can find one that was privately imported more recently.

SYM Symba 110

The Sym Symba 110 has an electric starter, a 4-stroke air cooled engine, 17" wheels (with drum brakes front and rear). It's not very heavy and it's not very fast, so drum brakes work just fine. The brakes are operated like a motorcycle. The front brake is applied via the brake lever on the right hand grip, while the rear brake is operated with the right foot. The fuel tank holds just over a gallon, so range between fillups is around 100 miles. If it runs out of gas it only weighs 210 lbs, so you can almost pick it up and carry it - though it's a lot easier just to push it! If the battery is low, the Sym Symba 110 has that most rare of accessories these days, a kick start in addition to the electric starter,

It's available from a number of scooter dealers in the US with a price of around $2400-$2500 and it comes with a two year warranty.

If you're not sure if you want a scooter or a bike, you can split the difference and get a SYM Symba 110. It's available in blue, red and black.

The main SYM distributor for the USA is Alliance Power Sports and they currently show a list price of $2399 for the Symba 100/110 though most dealers will at least try to add on a shipping and dealer prep fee.