Scooter Mirrors

One of the common complaints about many Chinese scooters is that it's impossible to adjust the mirrors so that you can get a clear view of what's behind you. The mirrors are just in the wrong place and/or can't be tilted or swiveled enough tp give a clear view. If they aren't far enough to the side, you end up with an excellent view of your arms, but not a very good view of cars behind you!

So what can you do? Well, one fairly cheap and simple solution on some scooters is to use what is called a "bar end" bicycle mirror. Such a mirror installed on a Roketa 150cc Chinese scooter is shown below:

Chinese Scooter Mirrors

The mirror holder inserts into the hollow handlebar end and secures with a screw which expands it against the inside of the tube. It may be necessary to make a hole in the end of the grip, or to enlarge the one that's already there, but that's very easy to do. You can also see that I've attached a small round convex mirror to the standard mirror to give a slightly wider view. However it still really doesn't show following traffic well.

Scooter Mirror

As you can see, the new mirror is further out than the standard mirrors supplied with the scooter and it doesn't interfere with operation of the rear brake lever. I find that it gives a much better view of following traffic than either of the mirrors supplied with the scooter.

Bicycle mirrors are also often designed to fold back if you hit something with them, so even though they do stick out, they aren't a hazard.

Chinese Scooter - add on clock

BTW on the other side of the scooter's "dashboard", I've attached a digital clock using velcro so it can easily be removed when I park the scooter. I find it almost impossible to read my watch when wearing a motorcycle jacket, so the clock is really very useful.